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Mesmer mantras need recharge after going in water

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Hey, I am not sure if this is a bug - but it's really annoying. I play my Mesmer in WvW and charge up my mantras ('Mantra of Pain' and 'Mantra of Distraction'.) If I have to cross water or fall into it; I have to recharge my mantras once out the water which is kinda clunky for WvW combat. If they are already charged once you go into water, is there a way for them to still be charged once you come out? Just thought I would mention it in case it can ever/will ever be changed.

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mantras do not need recharging if and only if they occupy the same utility slot/position on your aquatic skillbar as to your terrestrial skillbar. if another skill occupies this slot when your skillbar changes, the game will treat this as if you slotted in another skill and the charged mantra will be removed since the mantra skill has technically been overwritten

e.g. your terrestrial skillbar has mantra of pain at skill #7. the only way you are able to keep charges if you enter the water is if you also have mantra of pain at skill #7 of your aquatic skillbar

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