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Is 70,48% the magic crit chance number?

Mikael Ekvall.6039

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So, i was fiddling around with my Chrono which aim for 100% crit chance and 100% quickness uptime. I remember people saying 68% crit chance is what you want to get 100% with buffs. But im leaning towards 70,48%. With that you will crit cap with fury (20%) and banner/spotter (9,52%) OR fury (20%) and slow-crit (15%).

I wanna use magic find food and Concentration buffs instead of crit food. I understand this make me able to always crit cap at the expense of a bit of overshoot some times when i have both fury, slow up time, spotter and banner. But i seems senseable anyway. Am i thinking wrong here?

My build is something like this:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAwyFlVwOYbsF2JOyKdNTA-zxQYho7cjfHKqhBpeIEpKqkAqPIkxkq8SOSZoICApAIRJ-e

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I have around that number for the crit chance, but a slightly different build, no domination. And from what i can tell, it's "enough", but unreliable if you're relying on fury, you won't be able to have it on all the time (i think), unless you're in a party. If this is a party and not a solo build, then yeah, 70% will be enough, provided, someone can give you fury all the time.

I aim for at least 75% crit, and the rest i get from precision stacking sigil and traits and stuff. But that's because i'm relying only on myself for crit chance, not on someone elses banner and boon. So having less would be ok if you're in a party.

I don't know about that rune though.... 20% boon duration is like, half a second increase on most boons, it's not very useful, you could instead get a different rune to maybe boost ferocity more or whatever... That boon duration isn't going to help you much. I mean, it's not wrong, it's just my opinion. With concentration food, you might squeeze more out of it, but not much more.

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I think the pack runes are alright. Makes room for a mistake or two in the rotation. The damage diffrence to scholar seems very small. Also the might is nice. I tend to provide alot of fury to my self since pack runes always gives me 8 second of fury at engage. Master fencer and sigil of inspiration also gives fury. So i tend to get 100% most of the time myself. And in groups always. About 35-40% boon Duration with food. Love this diffrence in approach. Thanks for your response.

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Per snowcrows' slow uptime table you need only 10% slow uptime for Danger Time to pull ahead of IA. That's why they list 85% (with spotter/banner and fury) as the target crit chance especially when there's a chrono stack or other sources of slow such as DH. (see https://snowcrows.com/raids/guides/mesmer/chronomancer/power%20boon/ )

  • Time Warp is 10% uptime with continuum split
  • Time Sink is 7% uptime

There's also a 50% boon duration variant on Lucky Noobs. https://lucky-noobs.com/builds/power-chrono-support

  • note their bench with Inspiration instead of dueling comes in at 23K with 0% boon duration , which isn't that competitive with power quickness or condi quickness FB
  • If you add the modifiers from Dueling to this benchmark it would be +15% at a minimum from Superiority Complex's crit damage increase , and up to another 10% crit damage from Fencer's Finesse stacks (1% per stack).

Your build in the first post has 100% crit chance without slow (3521 power and 245.73% crit damage under utility , 100 concentration +70 power food + 25 might and profession specific buffs). Full meta with food/utility it would be 3634 power and 265.4% crit damage ; danger time applies a 10% crit damage bonus. You lose roughly 15% damage on crits if you account for the 5% scholar bonus.

You have self fury and might already so I don't feel pack rune is as strong in this situation , even if the druid isn't bringing the right spirits.

If you uncheck danger time on the snowcrows calculator (i.e. aiming for 100% crit without slow) and check pack rune , you end up with the following:

  • 2 assassin accessories
  • Berserker's armor + backpiece
  • assassin's weapons
  • pack rune
  • force+accuracy sigils
  • Superior sharpening stone or similar (fruitcake)
  • +100 power +70 ferocity food

So it isn't terrible , but keep in mind the limitations.

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i dont think theres any special crit chance number, you just have whatever you feel is acceptable because youre either not going to cap crit or you have wasted stats, theres no magic setup that will be optimal everywhere

similarly, no ones going to randomly explode if your <10% from or over crit cap, it shouldnt totally destroy your dps either

i personally run 60.00% simply because i like the number :bleep_bloop:

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The problem comes down to: How much do you rely on your party. When you can guarantee stuff like, always having Fury, or the enemy always having a certain condition on them, it completely changes the build. Because of this, I STRONGLY recommend you carry two builds in your separate equipment tabs; one for soloing, where you can maintain your own uptimes, and one for groups.

For example, Pack or Strength rune is often optimal solo, while Scholar is always optimal in competent groups.

(The solo builds are also more useful for competitive modes, and sometimes Fractals as well.)

Also, try not to be too focused on maxing out your crit rate. Not all builds can take proper advantage of it; you need to really watch your Ferocity modifiers to do so. On most Power-weighted builds, 60% (80% with Fury) is sufficient. The only time you need to crit crap is when doing raids, and maybe for certain Strike Missions with particularly stubborn DPS checks.

If cutting back retains most of the efficiency, there's little reason to increase it to begin with. This is called a soft cap.

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Thanks guys for your response. I understand that there are many ways to go and there is more than one "right" approach. My goal with this setup is to be able to maintain 100% crit chance and quickness in most cases solo and in party. I also want some slack with timings, thats why i prefer the pack runes over scholar even tho i know scholar will output more dps. I actually swapped out my scholar runes for pack and I enjoy playing more since then.

So i figured if i have a Base crit chance of 70,48% and permanent fury i will only need banner/spotter or slow to cap. That practiclly means I always have 100%. However i overshoot (105,48%) in open world, but that does not really matter? I do not raid. I do DRM, strikes, dungeons and sometimes fractal.

But maybe i should have just 65%, that way i get 100% with fury and slow, but not 100% with fury, banner and spotter only. But i guess i slow most of the time.

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