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Returning player... spvp


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Hey I have a build question for spvp. Its been a few years since I've played (my last post was September 2017). I checked out metabattle and wasn't a fan of the builds posted there. I get that they are meta for a reason, but would I be hamstringing myself playing something like this?

If you were running this build would you... go Eternal Life or Death Perception? Berserker Amulet or Demolisher Amulet? Trash the whole thing and start over? Lol

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You can play this. The build is almost as viable as the blood magic metabuild. Death magic is more selfish than blood magic, but on the other hand you can cleanse conditions from allies with your shouts. Double energy sigil is always good for reaper.

Like Dadnir said you might be overwhelmed by the big increase in pacing and mobility the game took with the release of path of fire.

I did run trooper/soldier rune for years and it worked great. But since PoF I am having a hard time playing any reaper build that does not use rune of speed. This rune is boon and bane at once for reaper. It can greatly increase your survivability but on the other hand is pretty much mandatory for a lot of encounters. Personally I'd like to see it removed and toned down the overal mobility in the game.

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Thanks for the replies. After some testing I went with Staff over Greatsword, I ran into the problems both of you described. While greatsword does a ton of damage, it does 0 damage if you can't stick on people. And I agree Sigil of Speed is dumb af.

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