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Charr-Only PvE/PvX RP Guild Building up and looking for fresh recruits and old gladiums alike!


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A large, intimidating (as these things go) male charr walked up to the soldier by the fire pit and jabbed a pointed claw in his direction."You there! Join us, or we'll destroy you!""OLLI. Ahem. Maybe you should read the manuals again?" Akorn grinned, or was it a grimace, as she pulled the warrior back. "Hi there, name's Akorn. You seem a good soldier. That fire treating you well?"She stepped up next to the soldier. He seemed young, fahrar-fresh no doubt. But still, young minds are those best molded. She shifted her flamethrower on one shoulder and spun a gear on her holstered pistol with an unconscious twitch."Look," she muttered, "my Imperator has me out here recruiting new soldiers until sundown, and I'm so starved I could eat a skritt ear salad. If you've any interest in joining us I could take you over to The Last Whiskey Bar and we could both have a roast and some rounds of ale, what say you?"

Welcome recruits, to the Imperial Charr Legion(ICL). Helmets are to the left, grenades are to the right, don't touch the mortars and no licking the war machine! This is a new Charr only warband guild. We are a PvE/roleplay guild with hopes of expanding into PvX later down the road and are currently looking for and casual fans of these play styles to join us in making a new branch of the high Legion. Any inquiries can be made to the guild imperator(second-in-command) (kybizen.1723) or our Khan-ur(guild leader) (nobledeth.2310) in-game at any time. We will get back to any messages asap.

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The wind, laced with ice crystals, lashed Akorn's face. She pulled her goggles down and adjusted her large scarf further up, covering her stinging nose. She wanted to curse, but even the thought of saying 'burn me' was too idealistic at the moment."How goes it, Tribune Oakheart?" The Khan-Ur's voice crackled through on the receiver."I'm freezing my fur off, sir.""Doing the rounds in Bjora?""Yes sir. It's worse than Bitterfrost. And I thought Bitterfrost would end me . . .""Afraid of the cold Tribune?" Even through the howling wind, Akorn could hear both amusement and irritation in his voice."Not at all, sir!" Akorn slipped a hammer out of her gear kit and deftly knocked in four nails around the edges of a poster. The thick parchment immediately started to crust with frost and ice around the edges, but it would hold on the walls of Jora's Keep."I'm done here Khan-Ur. Next stop Southsun.""Well, that should thaw your whiskers Tribune.. Carry on." The amusement was more evident in the Khan-Ur's voice this time, and Akorn shivered. At least she was headed towards the sun, now.

The poster rattled in the harsh winds, its message displayed for all to see:

Are you a veteran player looking for new companions on your journey? Would you like the opportunity to help a new guild build from the ground up? The Imperial Charr Legion is a new Charr-only RP guild that is actively seeking new members as we build our ranks and our guild! We already have several veterans AND brand new players in our ranks, and we welcome all who may want to join in the fun! If you have a Charr you'd like to RP with, consider having them join us!We are currently PvE, expanding as we grow. Mostly we love playing the game and role-playing as gruff brass-tacks charr soldiers.Contact guild imperator(second-in-command) (kybizen.1723) or our Khan-ur(guild leader) (nobledeth.2310) in-game, or reply to this message, and we will get back to you asap.Join our Legion! Crush your enemies! Invent Charr curse words! Learn how to spell legionnaire!

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Southsun CoveAkorn hit the ground running, sprinting on all four paws towards the skittering, nightmare-fueled beast that was the Karka Queen. She pulled her rifle out and fired a burst shot, dodged the pulsating mass of young karka reaching for her, and rolled to rest facing the towering crustacean.

"Olli, where ARE you?" the receiver hissed static at her. The queen was already staggering. She wouldn't last long.Akorn peered over the cliff to the seething sea below. "Ah, there you are Legionnaire…" She pointed to the glimmering waypoint to the south. "You should probably record this waypoint on your map for future missions!" Her voice echoed off the salt-encrusted cliffs, and Olli's muttering return drifted up to her. She grinned and keyed into the receiver.

"Khan-Ur, all's good on the island.""Excellent. Honestly, I can't stand that place myself. Too many bugs…""Haha, well, bugs would never scare a REAL Charr-" Akorn froze as her foot sunk into the ground with a sickening squelch. She looked down, and saw a karka corpse beneath her, the broken shell letting spill the oozing guts beneath it, seeping up between her claws."What was that Tribune? I hope I don't hear insolence on this channel.""Not.. Not at all, sir." Akorn swallowed hard to force down the rising bile in her throat. Charr of the Imperial Legion do not lose their lunch at the sight of guts. They do NOT…

The engineer turned, stone-faced, to walk back across the bridge to the waypoint. Facing her was a wide-eyed charr, a look of amusement mixed with awe. Akorn grimaced, showing all her teeth.

"You ever want to make a difference in this world, come join the Imperial Legion, cub." She pulled a poster out of her satchel and shoved it into his paws. Then she marched, double-time, away from the bugs and the sun and the salt crust, somewhere she could take a rusted BATH at least…

In the cub's claws, the poster read:

JOIN the Imperial Legion! Reunite the Charr! Crush your enemies and dance upon their graves!We are welcoming players new and old who love this game! Skill level optional. We play through the story, open world, WvW, PvP, some of us even know how to raid! (Not ALL of us though. And especially not Akorn. Don't ask her to go near that she'll lose her fur from stress.) We are extremely laid back and helpful.This is a Charr Only RP guild, so if you've ever thought it might be fun to role play a Charr of the High Legions, now is your chance! Come help us build up the guild from scratch and be part of a great group of players.
Contact guild imperator(second-in-command) (kybizen.1723) or our Khan-ur(guild leader) (nobledeth.2310) in-game, or reply to this message, and we will get back to you asap.See you at sunup, recruit!!

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Hiya! Our only rep requirement is to not rep the guild on non-Charr characters. Most of our members also have other guilds, so we encourage repping when we are all together doing missions or recruiting.We're across a few different servers, and mostly active in evenings of Central Standard Time. And weekends. Tend to be all over the place on the weekends. :D

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