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Today I was trying to follow and learn a rotation and I struggled at some point. Not about the rotation, but the mechanics of learning that, and then came the idea.

I can work on an Auto Hotkey overlay that the user can "type" the rotation sequence. Imagine that I can type/set and save those informations, like a name just for fast recognition and the (opening) and (loop) rotations. Suggestions needed

Ex.Name: Weaver FireOpening: 5493 (the numbers/letters on the keyboard that represents the skills)Loop: 70111431118 (same as above)

The overlay tracks it's occurence and call for a next key to press (or something like it).

To you don't start saying it's going to press the buttons for me, nope! That's not the purpose of that and that would be a hack! It's more like a "rotation learn helper".

I'd like to hear your comments, suggestions and mostly, a comment from Anet letting me know if that is allowed.

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So you are going to make an overlay that calls out the next button for you to press? sounds interesting if its not bannable. Id get a red post comment on it before you release anything just to be safe. What ive been doing is taking images of rotations for my revenant on dhuum. I take images of the skills i need to press in ORDER per rotation and put them in sequence...all done in an image file. Here is an example of what i did: https://imgur.com/1MQxCUS

id go windowed fullscreen and drag the screen to where i could just see my rotation, doing this also got me more frames during dhuum

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How's it going on this @Greyfus.4613


Very interested in this concept as a new / returning noob. I'm starting to get the grasp of things but the on ramp feels long. Rotation helper would def help learning/adjusting to each class & figure out my sweet spot..

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On 4/17/2021 at 12:13 AM, psyt.9415 said:

They have this in WoW. It just follows the rotation from Simulation Craft thats been simmed for each class. Not sure why you would think it would be bannable in this game?




WoW has direct support for addons (and an official addons API), whereas in GW2 it's much more of a grey area.


That said, I can't see any reason why this wouldn't be permitted. It seems to abide by all current guidelines that I can find. Realistically, it's no different to having another window open that just listens in on your keypresses and removes items from a list as it goes (just like TacO is really no different to having a map open on another screen).

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