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Where does the wiki get info on dates for future sales or rotations of items in the gem store?


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It's hard to say without knowing which item you're referring to. But since the Wiki is maintained by players there's two main possibilities:

1) Someone from Anet mentioned somewhere that it's coming back. For example the articles announcing new things in the gem store often mentioned items which will be returning over the next week or two, especially around festivals and big sales. (But the most recent one of those only covered last week.) It could also be something mentioned on Twitter or Facebook or in a comment somewhere.

2) It's an educated guess. If an item is related to a particular festival or release, or associated with a time of year it's easy to predict roughly when it will come back. For example Lunar New Year items always return around now, and in April a bunch of Super Adventure Box related items will return.

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@Randulf.7614 said:

@Blude.6812 said:Hoping that your last part (April ....) is 100% wrong this year. Fingers X'd.

As in hoping SAB isn't returning?

They were likely talking about the related Gem Store items that are perceived as an annoyance by some players as they break immersion. Then again, there are plenty of non-Gem Store SAB items that fit the same category, so it's a pointless hope. ;)

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@Kovac.4372 said:I was looking at a particular skin I want to get and it has a date noted that it's about to hit the gemstore ... but, how do people know this?

I was looking at Wings of Love a few days ago and noted that it had a sale date already for later in February. I assume that the Wiki team are asking and receiving specific updates to BLTC and patch notes in advance to pre-build the pages. It might be this was published early by accident, as I don’t know why they would leak future sales on the wiki.

And before pressing ‘post’ I wanted to check and link to this yet, the page myself and my partner saw cannot be found now....

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