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If you could redesign any one class what would it be and how?


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Personally I'd redesign the Memser. The class currently is heavily conflicted with itself. Here's how I would change it.

  • Phantasms would become short duration summons that do not count as Illusions and cannot be shattered. They can still be attacked and destroyed though.
  • Clones would fully mimic the caster, using every attack they used, ground target abilities from clones would center on their target. Skills used by clones would be half strength.
  • Clones and Phantasms can be summoned out of combat, Phantasms last for their normal duration out of combat, clones last for 5 seconds out of combat.
  • Clones and Phantasms would not shatter on target death and will automatically retarget to your current target when their target dies.
  • Hex skills would be added. Hexes function as powerful conditions with fixed durations and damage values, most of which have conditional triggers to their damage components. Example: Backlash, deals heavy damage when the hexed target uses a skill.
  • Staff 2 (Phase Retreat) would break targeting and have ½s Evade
  • Staff 4 (Chaos Armor) would grant Chaos Armor aura in AoE to players near the mesmer or a clone, up to 4 targets near the mesmer and 2 near each clone, granting up to 10 allies Chaos Armor with 3 clones.
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Engineer definitely. I would remove all it's kits, and have it's is base be more turret/drone focused. I would have it's main damage come from the actual weapons it's wielding instead of having them be stat sticks. It would be a weapon class that has it's own P/P unload, but with a more tech based method. The turret could have different modes and such doing 1/3 of the total damage while the other 2/3s come from the weapons.

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@Myhr.9108 said:Aaaaw, no option to says "none, I think everything's ok." :(

As the question was posed, a "none, everything is fine" option does not mean anything since you wouldn't change anything. The poll is for "if you did want to change one, which one?", not "do any of them need changing or are you ok with things how they are?"

Having a 'no I wouldn't change any of them' option is the same as simply not voting at all since the poll is targeted at those who would change something. Knowing you wouldn't change anything means nothing in relation to this poll.

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I'd rework the utility abilities to work like elementalist glyphs in stead of forcing revs to treat their entire bar like a weapon bar. All Rev utilities would have base effects and additional effects based on the current legend.

I'd rework weapon skills to reflect the current legend in the same manner as elementalist attunements, moving core mechanical stuff to weapon skills (ex. Ventari tablet mechanics on ventari staff) to allow build flexibility.

I'd leave elites as they are, bound to the current legend.

I'd remove cooldowns and rebalance all skill costs around energy. Using both cooldowns and a shared resource pool is a redundant and pointless resource system in a game where every other skill for every other class uses one or the other to pay its activation cost.

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@Dreamy Lu.3865 said:I would redesign thief skills to have it including a chain of skills working like the assassin in original GW. It was so great and I miss that so much.

I rather like initiative as the core mechanic, but I'd like to see an elite Assassin spec that replaced stealing f1 and f2 with combo attacks that changed based on the last used attack from the weapon bar to achieve a combo mechanic as a better hybrid of GW1 and GW2 mechanics. Maybe make offhand sword part of that spec and have the collection weapon be shiro's blade (but as a sword, rather than the dagger weapon type)

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Engineer - The class is too much a generalist and unlike other professions we have gaping holes in our weapon design. The baseline functionality of engineer is entirely gated behind 1 style of play (kits) and nothing comes remotely close to the level of power those provide, not even Photon Forge mode.

It's also time for them to revert the turret nerfs in PvE that were hamfisted due to bunker amulet meta in s2/3 of PvP. Scrapper also needs a rework as they also hit scrapper with its own sledgehammer for PvP reasons.

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Engineer as it needs a serious revamp now due to how the other professions are progressing as the game advances into new content especially now they are adding Mechanics that require players to have both melee and range weapon at hand.

First would be a new mechanic for Core engineer being that each weapon on Engineer have a skill set for melee and range combat with the ability to switch between the melee and range combat skills using the weapon swap.

Second major revamp will be the Engineer's Weapons starting with Rifle as the weapon skills need to be changed and adjusted

Skill 1 needs to be buffed to perform a bit more damage and in Melee Range Skill set the skill turns into a non-projectile melee range shotgun blast auto attack for close range combat.Skill 2 Net skill can be moved to the Melee Weapon Skill set and in Range Skill set it fires ammo rounds that does explosive damage and cripple enemies.Skill 3 Blunderbuss can remain the same for Meel skill set side since it acts better as a melee range skill. On Range Weapon Side the skill is changed to Target AoE skill that fire a Shrapnel grenade that when hit causes the same effect as Overcharge minus the distance effects.Skill 4 can remain the same for Range skill set due to being a distancing skill but adjusted so it counts as a Explosion attack. One Melee Weapon Side the skill is changed to fire a explosive ammo that cause 5 vulnerability when hit.Skill 5 remains the same for Melee Side since it acts well for mobility when dealing with escaping or getting close to enemies. On Range Skill side it is adjusted to be a heavy double shot since instead of firing the ammo shot that would cause the Player character to launch into the air at the ground it hits the enemy instead thus causing massive damage.

I would add more but far too much to cover.

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I would poersonally like to see Engineer and mesmer reworked one day. Engineer to be more focused on turret warfare, rather than their kits, and mesmer to be more focused on misdirection and trickery in a way that actually works in PvE, because right now the PvE mesmer play style just doesn't fit the overall thematic of what the class is and does like it does in PvP

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Start by removing the idea that utilities have to be tied to the legend you are in, Give us free access to all the utility skills and use the legends for the trait lines more.

Or at least make it that all legends work underwater, or even that the first legend you learn is useable underwater. A second choice of underwater weapon would be nice as well.

It always feels to me that Revenant wasn't finished, that the devs ran out of time before the release of HoT.

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I don't care, but I'm going to cheat.

Mesmer: With the name, I always saw it as "Mesmerize" as in stun, shock, surprise. While yes illusions in a way can surprise... there isn't anything awe-inspiring to them. I would've made them had some light and dark magic to use seeing Elementalist would use the others. Should be as much of a light show as Elementalist is.

Elementalist: Yes yes... it uses many elements but it seems a bit that they should also have some special attacks based on their locations. If they're in water (even if shallow), they should be able to lift the water towards the for or maybe a tsunami or something. Elonia near sand maybe a defensive sandstorm of sorts... same with snow or near electrical fields and even ley elements.During Bloodstone events, maybe certain attacks that is double-edged sword where you can do major damage, but also do a lot of damage to yourself.

Necromancer: Where's the minion elite class? I'm raising the dead... not just spirits. So Scourge doesn't count and a reaper is meant to kill, not to resurrect. Minions. Expertise. Now.

Ranger: I already saw topics and the reason and lore, but I would say... give pistols and rifle as a ranger.Of course that wouldn't work on that class as it's not "natural"..... like a damn harpoon gun, BUT WHATEVER! I DON'T KNOW SKRITT!

Engineer: I don't think I should touch this one as this class has way too much going on and way too gimmicky. Maybe hand it a wrench and scoot it on it's way.

Thief: Nothing.

Warrior: Nothing.

Guardian: Nothing.

Revenant: Don't know as this class became a major disappointment to me.

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Necro. For a start, I would revert the August 8 shroud/trait nerf and buff power Necro. I would buff Necro's Focus, Spinal Shivers is useless in PvE because most mobs don't have boons. Spinal Shivers should deal huge, pulsing damage with extra Chill.

@Doctor Hide.6345 said:Engineer definitely. I would remove all it's kit

I'm glad you're not an Anet dev. Leave my kits alone, I love them and I main (core) Engi with 3 kits. Either buff them or leave them alone.

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All I want is for Power Warrior to be goodEasy to read version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N2pL7pT-XOFDy2qqPZBJtCVTBvsrNmjkW5NwoOv7NKo/edit?usp=sharing

---Strength----Restorative Strength-Swap places with Empowered

-Building Momentum-Gain 3% damage bonus after each burst. Stacks 3 times, lasts 9 seconds.

-Stick and Move-Gain a damage 10% damage bonus for 15 seconds after a dodge

-Berserker’s Power-Becomes: Destroyer’s Power: Each successful strike increases your damage by 5% for 15 seconds (Stacks 6 times; only 3 in pvp. Each additional hits refreshes the duration)

---Discipline----Versatile Rage-Next attack used on weapon swap has its cooldown reduced by 2 seconds (5 second ICD)

-Versatile Power-Grants a 7% damage buff on weapon swap for 9 seconds.

-Destruction of the Empowered-Deal 0.50% additional damage for each stack of vulnerability.

-Heightened Focus-Critical hits deal an additional 15% damage. Each critical hit increases ferocity by 10. Stacks 10 times.

-Inspiring Battle Standard-Swap places with Leg Specialist; Inspiring Battle Standard now increased the potency of banners by 20%


Berserk Mode:(Descriptions will include fatal frenzy changes)You can now enter berserk at 10, 20, and 30 adrenaline. Gain bonuses associated with the level of adrenaline you had when entering berserk mode.15 (s) Duration15 (s) Cooldown10 Adrenaline: (Counts as a level 1 burst)-10% Health as *Temporary Hit-Points-Quickness (3s)-Fury (3s)-Swiftness (3s)Attack speed increase: 3%(stacks with quickness) 20 Adrenaline: (Counts as a level 2 burst)-20% Health as Temporary Hit-Points-Quickness (6s)-Fury (6s)-Swiftness (6s)-Attack speed increase: 6%30 Adrenaline: (Counts as a level 3 Burst)30% Health as Temporary Hit-Points-Quickness (9s)-Fury (9s)-Swiftness (9s)-Might: 10 Stacks (9s)-Attack speed increase: 9%*(Temporary Hit-Points: Grants a barrier that does not decay, but will disappear once out of combat)(All primal bursts count as a level 1 Burst when entering Berserk with 10 adrenaline)(All primal bursts count as a level 2 Burst when entering Berserk with 20 adrenaline)(All primal bursts count as a level 3 Burst when entering Berserk with 30 adrenaline)(All boons durations, temporary hit-points, and attack speed bonuses are halved in PvP)

-Savage Instinct-Clear up to 3 conditions when activating berserk mode. Lose 1 additional condition every 5 seconds in berserk modeLevel 1 Clear: 1 conditionLevel 2 Clear: 2 conditionsLevel 3 Clear: 3 Conditions

-Always Angry-Gain up to 9% increased damage and condition damage when you enter berserk modeLevel 1: 3% IncreaseLevel 2: 6% IncreaseLevel 3: 9% Increase

-Fatal Frenzy-Gain boons when activating berserk mode (Up to: 30% HP as barrier, 9 seconds of fury, quickness, swiftness and 9 stacks of might. All bonuses are halved in PvP)

-Eternal Champion-Gain Stability when you enter berserk mode. Each attack against you while in berserk mode increase your resistance to damage by 1% for 15 seconds.(Stacks 5 times)Level 1: 3 Stability (Pulsing; Over 15 seconds)Level 2: 6 Stability (Pulsing; Over 15 seconds)Level 3: 9 Stability (Pulsing; Over 15 seconds)

---Greatsword Changes---https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1J5Bu5soIwbXKJ7YiGKg5nWcvThyojEp-ZsQ4nR5PqRo/edit?usp=sharing

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Ranger pets need a good update. Better AI. 4 types of pets (condi, power, tank, support) . I rather have a few pets to choose from and they are all usefull and unique in their own way, then having a whole Zoo available and there are only a handfull of usefull pets..

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