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Deldrimor rewards and more

Dark Red Killian.3946

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Is it just me or does it seem odd that you are able to grind out to get the stoneskin infusion, and then after that it is just not available anymore? I mean this could be the perfect opportunity to offer a reward that is able to be obtained more than once. Even the other ebon vanguard and crystal bloom rewards don’t offer anything besides material boxes and karma once you have unlocked the recipes or weapons that they offer. I think it wouldn’t harm if the infusion was left in the vendor to obtain mutiple copies. It would give people incentive and more rewards to get by doing DRMs over time. Otherwise are they just going to keep playing them just for materials and the 1 in a billion chance for volcanic stormcaller weapons?

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@Dark Red Killian.3946 said:

@"TheQuickFox.3826" said:It can be bought at this merchant in Eye of the North:

Missing the point. I am talking about multiple ones should be available through vendor.

Yea I agree with that.But would have to raise the price since it will be to easy to get many of them if you compare it too for example frost legion infusion

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