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I'm BEGGING you anet


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remove the dialogue and conversations from the dragon strike missions when the story isn't active..they're already so long for so minimal reward.. do we have to afk for 10 minutes just to be in it..

and they're engaging and good conversations, don't get me wrongbut they stop being that after the 2592th time

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It's already bad enough they removed the dwarf who sold deldrimor marks, after they already removed the dailies, without any warning or notice.

The deldrimor infusion to moved to the seals vendor, but deldrimor marks were sold 1:5, while the infusion now costs 1:10 in seals. Which was a bit of a punch in the gut.

Now I'm forced to listen to rylands inane rambling every time again and again for a trickling amount of seals..

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