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[RATS] Raid guild recruiting!


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Mischief Raiders are currently recruiting people with multiple roles and are happy to switch around during raids if needed, this is so we can try to avoid "jails" :) people with a support role of alac, Druid and off chrono would be a major help, we've currently got a couple to fill in these roles and it would be nice to rotate these roles around :) We aren't a hardcore guild by any means but we still like to run optimised runs while having a fun time ^^

The requirement of joining is having 30 dhuum kp and 250 li also we speak English in the discord ^^

Raid schedule UTC: Monday 20:00 Tuesday 20:00 Wednesday 19:30 these will be W1-7 full clears

Feel free to post any questions here or pm me ingameThank you :)

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