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[NA | PvE | 18+] Victims of Serenity is looking for members to join our small guild

Nea Fotia.3076

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Victims of Serenity is a growing PvE focused guild that focuses on providing transparent leadership and a bridge to high-end content. Though still smaller than average, we've already generated fun and exciting content for the members of our guild while giving them the knowledge to tackle the harder corners of the game. We're looking for players, new and veteran alike, to join with us and narrow the skill gap just that little bit more.

What we offer:

  • An active discord with API integration
  • Transparent Leadership that cares about their members
  • Lost Precipice Guild hall with room to donate
  • An expanding roster of friends to join with for runs and guild functions
  • The more than occasional cheesy joke to get everyone laughing and groaning

What we ask:

  • Discord participation for event coordination and guildie engagement
  • Representation during guild events
  • A willingness to learn from others


If you're interested in helping us achieve our mission or to draw back the curtain on raids, fractals, strikes, and all other forms of PvE content, give us a whisper or a mail in game.

Leader: Nea Fotia.3076

Second in command: indychowder.1592

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I’m looking for a guild I can grow with and learn PVE fractals with.

I’ve played 3yrs ago working towards leveling my Guardian now lvl 80. I’ve played other mmos for years and in turn play like a pro but don’t know this game very well.

I don’t remember my ingame tag so if you respond through this forum I’ll be checking in throughout the next few days

Thank you

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