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LFGuild on Drakkar Lake [EU], (casual player interested in PvE and WvW)


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Hey everyone,

I would still consider myself fairly new to the game (2,745 AP) and I would like to find a nice and very casual friendly guild to hang out with. Currently I'm mostly focusing on open world PvE content, leveling different classes, unlocking some mid-/endgame stuff and Fractals, but I also want to try some more WvW in the future. It would be great to hang out with some more experienced players, who are willing to share their knowledge on these topics.

I'm playing almost daily, but due to work and university this is prone to change. It would be great if there are no ingame-prescence requirements. If you have a discord server I would also love to join. I'm from Austria, so my mother tongue is German, but I'm also fluent in English.Did I pique you interest or do you have any further questions towards me? Shoot me a message ingame!


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