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Info site for GW2?

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@kharmin.7683 said:Many of the more popular sites (in my opinion) offer builds and suggestions that are more in line with raiding or competitive formats and not so much open world PvE; however, in many cases almost any build will work in OWPvE.

Metabattle has started including open world PvE builds. Plus the videos put out by Nike! and WoodenPotatoes are pretty good - I use a variant of one of Nike!'s builds, a variant of one of WP's, and used a couple from metabattle as bases for a couple of builds. I also used metabattle's alacrity renegade raid as a base for my everywhere renegade build - that one has worked out super for me. With food and utilities, I get 98-99% boon uptime and 60-70% crit chance on a marauder armor build.

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Go to the official guild wars 2 wiki.

dont go to wowhead, it's a data mining site that contains malware and spyware. Its filled with neverending advertisements that can crash web browsers and computers. More than half of the wowhead articles are click bait and opinion based writing from people who are not real world of warcraft developers.

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