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GW2 Pathing Bugs and Tooltip

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I had an old Video about Reapers Touch now called "Soul Grasp" that showcased an underlying issue with slow moving projectiles in this game. Since they have reworked two of the worst offenders AKA Reapers Touch (necro focus 4) and Ray of Judgement(guardian focus 4) both now work in a significantly less buggy way now. However many skills still have pathing errors, such as staff autos on Ele, scepter autos on guard, torch 4 on guard(thrown ability) longbow auto on guardian, thief auto on shortbow, etc.

There are three ways I mention too fix the bug, speed up projectiles, increase hitbox, and allow the projectile to redirect, and a forth is to rework the skill to a non projectile like in guardian focus 4's case(Ray of Judgement.)

Lastly the change to the tooltip when the bug occurs used to be "Obstructed!" But is now "Miss!" which is shared with blinds tooltip, this will only serve to further confuse new players.

Here is a video of the bug

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