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Bad experience this morning

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Was doing Teq this morning. Lots of people there when connection crashes. Had to log in again and landed on a map in the middle of the Teq event with no one there. Died straight away. Could only see one other player where on the first map there were hundreds. Totally pissed off. Tried logging out & logging in again but kept returning to the empty map. Too many people on the first map & no one on the second. I'm angry probably wont play again for another 3 years.

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@"Boneyard Yogi.8206" said:It sucks. Anet could do something about the number of people on the server. They could place a limit on how many people at an event like that. There were hundreds on one server & none on the other. If they wanted to put everyone on one server then why not shut down the 2nd server? They just don't care.

First of, you are talking about map instances here, not servers. Second, "hundreds" is an absolute exaggeration as no map instance can hold that many players.

As for your complaint, yes, it stinks. It would be nice if a spot could at least be reserved for 30 secs after a player gets disconnected from the game so that they got a chance to rejoin the instance. Then again, for that to work properly, the game would have to be able to distinguish between a player logging out of the game manually and the game crashing or DC'ing them. Not sure whether that's possible - and reserving the spot under any circumstances would make it impossible for others to enter the instance in case they have joined a LFG squad with a full instance.

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