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There's no balance patch

UN Owen.2794

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@snoow.1694 said:Thing is - if a big balance patch would be coming, they would/should announce it a few weeks earlier and we haven‘t gotten anything in the past weeks.I still hope a balance patch is coming next update, but I think you are right and Anet won‘t deliver, despite all the frustration right now


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If there's a balance pass anytime before eod it will be very evident little effort was put into it so careful what u wish for as it could result in the game being in a even worse state, if possible.I wouldn't expect anything significant until after eod as these devs can't multitask worth......, even after I wouldn't hold ur breath.

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@"Archer.4362" said:Balance patch? what is that? I really ask. Isn't it always a nerf patch?

What? A balance patch wasn't part of that roadmap. Just a story chapter that's called balance.

Unless they go big brain and bring a balance patch with the story chapter "balance"

But I don't that will happen.

I'm expecting 1 balance patch before EoD.The preparation patch.

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shouldn't we be thankful that they're neglecting balance?i mean... look what happened last time.

unless this elusive balance patch is reverting the last, i don't want it.usually we say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"but in this case i'll settle for "you've broke it already, don't make it even worse!"

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