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Necromancer cannot attack ranger entagle roots/vines with scepter or staff autoattack

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After further testing I found when a ranger cast entagle or jacaranda roots on my characterAxe: auto attack cannot hit Entagled roots or jacaranda roots, axe 2 ghastly claws cannot attack Entagle or jacaranda rootsFocus: cannot attack any type of roots, Soul Grasp the 4th skill straight up says it misses and the 5th one spinal shivers doesn't hit at all.Staff auto attack cannot any type of rootShroud: autoattack and dark path cannot attack any type of rootsI also tried this with ranger on ranger, ranger longbow autoattack cannot hit the roots.This clearly has to do with projectiles that cannot attack something at your feet, but what about axe autos those are not projectiles, isn't it?This thing need fixing, please look into it.Thank you

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