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{NA}[WvW]{CD} Ordo Dominican {ZEAL} is recruiting!


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Want to learn to fight like a Combat Wombat? Glide Like a Stealthy Super Sugar Glider? Well, Ordo Dominican [ZEAL] is recruiting, join today and ask about our elite and highly classified marsupial builds!

[ZEAL] is a chill Australian-based fight-centric guild, who are willing to attempt to help people improve and get bags (but there's no helping some)

Whilst we try and look for fights mainly, we understand that that's not all that WvW is about, so we'll occasionally take things, and even defend!

Our raid times are Sat / Sun / Wed 10pm -00:30pm AEDT (GMT+11 Melbourne) time, and during raids, we expect you to be on Comms, on a meta build, and be willing to improvise. adapt. overcome.

If this sounds like your kinda gig, or you want more info, message either myself (Fergo.8136) or my Officer (Pretty Pixie.8603) in-game.

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@tobyd.5734 said:Hey fergo and pixie I’m a fellow Australian wanting to come play and downloading the game tonight and looking for a guild to play with and enjoy the game It would rule to come hang with some fellow Aussies what server you play on ?

GDay mate! We're on Crystal Desert, currently linked to Blackgate. It'll be awesome if the servers can open up so we can get you in with us!

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