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The LFG tool still needs a proper reworking.

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Okay so a while back, I made this thread in 2017: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/1313/group-merge-should-be-a-request-not-instant#latest

Since then, the only changes made were sorting out and adding new lws3/Ice-Brood-Saga maps. However, the current LFG tool system is is still broken and has not been addressed. Why is it that groups can still be merged at random throwing unwanted players into a squad? Back in 2017, all I asked for is to have Squad leaders to have an option ignore or allow it. This should not be difficult to code! Also, I noticed kicking people from parties doesn't completely block them from rejoining. There was an instance where a fractal group I was in had kicked a player for afking and not helping us progress. However, turns out this guy was a troll, and whenever we put our fractal group back up into the LFG tool, the same guy would rejoin and we had to keep kicking the guy. Shouldn't it make sense for kicked players to be disbarred from rejoining the same group? Perhaps there should be a re-join cooldown feature, where if a player is kicked from a group they cannot rejoin after a specific amount of time...

And since then, it seems like LFG tool has become more buggy. Sometimes I will see groups under T4 fractals or squads in PoF maps which aren't filled and has an option for me to join. But clicking join does nothing, even though those groups aren't full. It might just be a client sided bug, I don't know, just thought I'd mention it.

Lastly, given how new maps and locations are added to LFG with every new update, it's getting more cluttered. There must be a better way to sort it all out graphically. Instead of having all living world seasons separate from each other, make a Living World tab and then included the seasons as a sub-directory (like a drop down menu).

Some hypothetical examples:e.g1: Expansions -> (Sub) Heart of Thorns, (Sub) Path of Firee.g2: Living World ->(Sub) Living World Season 3, (Sub) Living World Season 4, (Sub) Ice Brood Sagae.g3: Player Combat -> (Sub) Player vs. Player, (Sub) World vs. Worlde.g4: Team Content -> (Sub) Fractals, (Sub) Raids, (Sub) Dungeons

LFG is a near perfect tool, I remember back when we didn't even have it, and had to use gw2lfg.com. Seriously Anet, these small changes would fix a lot of issues, especially for party/squads, these shouldn't be difficult fixes (maybe only adding sub directories might be difficult. but it's not important, just a suggestion!). Any thoughts?

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