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Dh PvP Conquest Build?


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Hey everyone.

Currently using this build for PvP Conquest mode:Saiyan Symbolic-Zeal Burst Buildhttp://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vVAQRAse7dn8cCVDhVdCeDB8Dhl5B76e9DqBy3v+3AsqBsACAA-TpR6gA5HEgqHAQTZg59HoPCAAnAAA

Except I use scepter-shield / sword-focus and not scepter-focus / sword-shield.

And I have to say it is pretty fun, more bursty than the usual symbolic with honor traitline and still very survivable.

I am not a pro by any means, but I can handle spellbreaker(maybe the bad ones who spam counter only xD) 1vs1 pretty good, by just stop attacking when they use the "counter skill" and do my damage skills afterwards.

My problem is with scourges... even if I find them 1vs1 and they have half health and I have tons of condi cleanses they still manage to randomly spam their skills and condis nonstop and even if I stay at range or kite nothing change.

Sometimes I end up down them and in their downed state they finish to down me as well because I remain without skills to use and like 1000hp, I get downed and they ress themselves... pretty frustating...

Any tips or build to fully counter them?

I don't like longbow meditrapper, longbow seems to easy to counter nowadays, when I see a longbow dh user I pretty much always spear him as soon as he uses the #5 skill so yeah...

Thanks everybody.

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