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keep getting booted solved

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@Ashantara.8731 said:

@"Sindrela.1846" said:oddly used a fix i saw and no idea why but worked

Explain it so that others can make use of it, too, if they run into the same issue.

They did second line in said post

ran steam in background


StreamingContent Streaming — Sets the client's download streaming behavior.

  • On Demand asks the game to download content only when the game requires it. This setting is useful for those who have data caps to worry about. Thissetting may cause issues of models popping in.
  • Idle will stream in content while your connection is generally idle during gameplay. This is useful if you're going to be playing in the same map for some time, so that the general impact to your gameplay should be minimal.
  • Max will stream-in content as fast as it possibly can. This is most like leaving the launcher to fully patch before playing. The Streaming Client will prioritize items you interact with in your inventory, wardrobe, gem store, etc. When a piece of UI content is interacted with, if the content isn't already on disk, it will overlay the spinner to indicate that the content is being downloaded. Do note that if you interact with a bunch of inventory items it could degrade performance as those items are given much higher priority. Once downloaded it may take a few moments before the item displays on screen.

Unsure what option they mean tho maybe idle?

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