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Expansion - End of Dragons


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@"Stand The Wall.6987" said:wvw players will complain they don't have new stuff, and complain when it comes. i'm with anet don't give wvw anything new just let it be.

we just don't want the format to be crippeled... the original maps been designed, sizewise, for now mount no glider. no map been designed for mounts.

instead Anet nerfs around and calls it "balance" patches. and its been critzised bc it does not differ between unecessary changes and good ones. the nerfs always get done for wvw + pvE or wvw + spvp oddly, which just doesn't fit and shows how big time the people making them lack insight.

and we don't really are able complain about new stuff... outside of the warclaw, since i play gw2 nothing has happened really. okay, the warlords collection. it's newbie friendly, nice thing. bit funny to put that on a endgame format tho.

and warclaw got that big time nerfed, it cannot do much anyways. only constant fast walk, which is bad for the map sizes as well.

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