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[NA][PST][PVP][WVW] Returning player/newbie looking for a guild!


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I have started GW2 back up and am looking for a guild to join to learn the ropes in PVP. I've only played the game pretty casually in the past but I'd really like to dig into WVW or really any PVP. Full disclosure: it's been a couple years since I played last so I'm pretty rusty. That said, I'm sure it'll come back pretty quick.

I'm on Yak's Bend and I have an a Thief, Necro, and Revenant at max level and am working on a Mesmer. At the moment I don't have a preference on a main.

Let me know if there is any other information I can provide.

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There a couple of great guilds on YB, but if don’t find what you are looking for there - I drive for a competitive WvW guild on JQ. We welcome all skill level players, as our core is used to teaching / developing members.

You can hit me up in game GameTheory.8059 or discord Follow Me#9829 to find out more. Here is a video of our recent gameplay:

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