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Changing playstyle based on team compositions


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Hi, I'm currently working on furthering my understanding of team synergies and how to adjust playstyle. Not sure how to communicate exactly what I mean, but let's just say I put a list down like:What to do if...

  • Your team has 3 teamfighters, a duelist/roamer - and other team has 5 strong teamfighters (so basically you know there's a high chance you'll lose most even teamfights)
  • Switch that around, your team has 4 teamfighters, theirs has a defensive duelist and 2 roamers
  • Your team has another roamer, enemy team has only 1
  • Their team has 2 roamers and duelist, your team only has you

I guess some of these overlap, but just in general what are some common scenarios in terms of team comp and how you react to them in terms of anticipating how you will have to adjust playstyle? (noticed every guide from plat players takes these things into account).

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