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Staff 4 -> Trident 3


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Simple proposition - Staff 4 gets a 3/4s evade frame like Trident 3, and the cooldown is reduced to 20s base.

I mean look at Trident 3: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spinning_Revenge It gives retal, summons a clone, is a whirl finisher and on a 12s cooldown... compare that to Staff 4 which only gives chaos armour and is on a 30s cooldown...

Yes I know chaos armour was only tacked on to Trident for the purpose of synergy with the conditional cooldown staff trait, and since that has been reverted to a flat cooldown the chaos armour isn't really necessary anymore, but still... staff 4 can be brought in line with this.

Sure staff already has clone summon on a superior skill 2, and a better skill 5, but there is no reason why Spinning Revenge has all that when Chaos Armour (staff 4) has nothing but an aura proc. Could even go further and copy/paste suitable whirl animation for staff 4 and share some boon with 5 nearby allies.

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