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scourge build for WvW


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@KrHome.1920 said:For what purpose?

Independently from the purpose: power core necro and power scourge ideally run staff + axe/x (focus or warhorn). Avoid dagger (mh and oh)!

I'm already running axe/warhorn - staff

Intended to support:stripcleansehealing

But I wonder if this can be achieved while doing DPSand that is why i intend to run a power necro

Any thoughts?

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I'm pretty sure the metabattle build is full berserker, scholar runes. So healing/barrier is poopy, but big dps and boon strips and some cleanse. Alternatively you could run celestial armor, weapons, amulet and either grieving or viper's rings, accessories and back or just full celestial. Unfortunately, you cant be good at dps and healing unless you run a condi variant with a mix of apothecary/witchdoctor/etc. and even then it's not amazing at either. You can do the boon strip and cleansing with a dps build, but healing/high barrier is a no go.

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