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[NA] [PvE] Knights of Devotion [DEVO] New Guild looking for fun and friendly members!


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Hello! Knights of Devotion is a new guild started by me and my two friends. We as a guild are always looking for players who are willing to help our guild grow. Me and my friends are relatively new, as we have been playing for less than a year. As our guild is quite new, we do not have a proper schedule for guild missions or a guild hall, but we would like to have either of these things later down the line. We are looking for all sorts of players! New, returning, casual, and veteran players are entirely welcome to join, and we do not expect any Rep requirements or any activity requirements from you! We as Guild Leaders understand that you have a busy life outside of Guild Wars 2, so we want you to play at your own pace. Our community is small and is always welcoming towards anybody joining the guild.

Right now, we mainly play PvE, but we would like to branch off towards PvP and WvW once we have experienced people in those gamemodes willing to guide and lead. For now, we would like to take things nice and easy so everything can grow smoothly.

If you are interested in helping becoming a part of our small community, please mail or whisper SwiftWalnut.1305, or just respond to this forum post. We will be happy to send an invite!

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The guild is still looking for new members to join our guild! We do plan on doing our guild missions this week on Friday, 12 PM EST. Along with that, I will most likely put our guild hall decision to a vote, and attempt the expedition later down the line too. If you are interested in helping our guild in these big steps to progress, please mail SwiftWalnut.1305 or just respond to this forum!

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