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Game Expansion proposals

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Hello Guild Wars 2 Players!

I have just recently thought about what the GW2 lacks and what new features I would like to see. So, here is my list:

  1. Add underwater story line. - just imagine how great it would look like if you swim (or dive) into a vast depth of seas or oceans. The game is known for its beautiful scenery so imagine how it would all look like in the underwater depths!
  2. Add new underwater locations and a major city or cities. - imagine Largos city in the depths or Quaggan city (something like Quaggannopolis - a fancy name needed, I am not good with names).
  3. Add more aquatic weapons. - we have only 3 of them. I bet there could be more.
  4. Add underwater dungeons and raid wings.
  5. Add underwater items, i.e.: clothes, gear and special items that would work only underwater.
  6. Add underwater mounts - currently, only Skimmer is able to be used underwater and it is cool! :) Imagine riding through the depths of a vast ocean on a fish (or a mammal like a dolphin) or jellyfish, or riding ocean bottom on a giant crab or some sort of starfish. There could be parts of the oceans/location with little to no light and players would have to use a special mount skill to light up the area, e.g. a fish mount with some "tendrils" that have lighting bulbs at their ends (one of the skimmer skins already has this feature as far as I remember). Riding a giant seaweed would also be interesting. It could be part of a story where Asuran scientists drop some chemicals in the water and it mutates into sentience. It could have special climbing ability when used in underwater grottos where flying would be difficult. Of course, this is my proposal but it could be some invertebrates like octopus or squid or coelenterate.
  7. Improve/modify aquatic combat - for some reasons many players complain about underwater combat (though I personally like it, and GW2 is one of the few MMORPGs where you can fight underwater combats). The modifications could improve skills that allow better positioning for characters. It could be new special actions that allow various underwater maneuvers.
  8. Add new specialisations for underwater combat to each class that would only work underwater or have different effects on the surface world.
  9. Maybe, add a new race like Largos or Quaggans that is spotted mainly or only underwater.
  10. Add new underwater legendary items (gear and weapons) that would have special effects when equipped underwater and different on surface.
  11. WvW and PVP underwater maps! :D
  12. More underwater fractals!
  13. Special condition(s) that are applied only underwater like suffocate or pressure damage.

My proposals are related to underwater content which I think the game lacks as all of the current new content is focused on surface world. Some of you may disagree but I remember when I started playing GW2 in 2012 and the first time I went into the depths in Frostgorge Sound. It was awesome! :D Then, I remember the times where went to Tangled Depths map and went underwater there to find the mastery point and hero points. I love the area.

What do you think? :)

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underwater content is one of these forum bubble ideas, in theory they seems 'funny' but in practice it would be little played. in the end the combat from all angles (from below and from above) ends up retaining a lot of spam from players' attention. 90% of underwater combat i spent more time figuring out where atacks come from.

Instead of focus on underwater, i suggest improvment of ships use, and battle. when board on ship a player can option to control the cannons or the drive, os just be a soldier,, it would be like a "mobile wvw tower". a invader crew should conquer the ship by winning over the ship crew and controlling the "ship siege", this would be incredible fun and addictive. Also make vessels type, a big battleship(like a wvw keep equivalent), and submarines.

they devs have the tech to do it, we have airship in Dragon Fall, and other mobile objets being used in other maps.

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I'm all here for a underwater revamp, there's so much potential there in maps alone.I think it's safe to say we'll be seeing the deep sea dragon in EoD so an underwater map and locations of the underwater races are very likely, a new mount would be nice too, Underwater skimmer is kind of slow in 3D movement so maybe like skimmer is to a skyscale we could get a griffon-like mount for faster but less controlled travel.

My biggest concern with underwater content is the combat, they would need to do a big rework to make it as enjoyable as land combat.

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GW2 has one of the best under water systems, both with combat, movement and scenery. Shortly after launch they also saw the limitations. Being underwater adds a dimension that works not so well on a flat screen. It makes fighting and navigating hard and for some even nauseous.

An underwater PvP combat map was removed for this reason.

Underwater is nice, but it should always be something additional and never the main part of an expansion.

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