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Dear Arena Net,I'm sick of being forced to switch teams because of bunch unfair players who leave the game cos they are loosing. Why should I suffer cos of them? I rarely rage about anything espacially in GW2 but this YOU MUST FIX! We've been asking for this for years but you appertnly are sitting on your ears. I know you have lots of work with EoD but this is not a new thing. It's been here from day 1. FIX IT! I do not care how, but I repeat am sick of loosing time on this thing. And I love playing dragon ball. BUT WHAT IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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Actually giving an automated safe win (counting for achievement) for someone switching teams (regardless of which team wins) ... would not be a bad idea. Other than that there should be no changes. (Other players in that team should only get thte win if the team actually wins.)

Then it needs to be checked if people try to abuse it. (Don't know if this is even possible without premade teams possible there. When it is only hotjoin. So I do not see a big problem. I don't think it would be possible to team up with someone and getting him in the other team to just have him leave so you can switch for safe win and be afk until the match ends.)

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