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PVP Queue not working (for me only?)

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I was back to back queuing in PvP, then it just stopped working.

I like to bullet point things.

  • Tried to queue in ranked or unranked
  • Tried queueing in every game mode PvP has to offer
  • Reset game multiple times
  • No dishonour
  • Asked map chat and nobody else seems to be having the same issue
  • Partied up with someone to see if I can join with them
  • Tried switching character
  • Tried queueing out of PvP lobby

None of the above worked. The guy that partied up with me can also solo queue, but when he tried with me, no notifications to say why he cannot queue with me, the button purely did not work.

I have reported this, but if anyone can help I would appreciate it.


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