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Lots of DCs to me and team mates, sometimes whole team or sporadically

Crab Fear.1624

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I had been getting frequent DCs myself and it only was happening in Ranked and ATs. In Unranked & WvW I wasn't getting DCs at all.

It makes me wonder if a drophack has been in circulation and being used. People always assume DDOSing, which requires targeting an IP, and it isn't easy for someone to collect enough IPs and always be fishing through them to be able to DDOS several people out of a game at the same time. So considering the frequency of the DCs I was experiencing as of about the past 2 weeks, it seems more drophack which is much easier to do to begin with. Do a search of drophack vs. DDOS if you guys want to read the differences between the two. Drophacks are ridiculously easy to code and have existed in nearly every game since the beginning of online gaming. They aren't exactly something that is easy to create firewalls against from what I am reading.

The reason why I bring this up is because I do believe these DCs are linked to match manipulation. At first I thought it was just the servers, but then I began to notice that the DCs would always happen under two circumstances: 1) I am winning the match and oh look someone or two DCs on our team. 2) I go into specifically an AT match against certain very specific players, and each time we have a formidable team that likely will beat them, oh look at that a DC or two on our team. Quite mysterious how these certain guys win so many matches due to lucky DCs.

In the past couple of weeks the DCs had been so frequent that it was making streaming Guild Wars 2 Ranked/ATs not worth the effort because the footage is bad when any team is winning due to DCs and having your stream interrupted from you being the one who DCs is just a hassle to deal with, which also contributes to footage that isn't worth the time invested. Even the frequency of DCs that I was having myself, at one point had granted me over an hour of dishonor because so many DCs had happened in a row on that one day. And that was the same day I had to take a break and had gone to find something else to do for awhile. You can't win in an environment like that, can't compete, game isn't even fun when that kind of stuff is happening too much.

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