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The main issue is that not all mastery points are clearly visible on the map.The wiki can help here a lot! https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mastery_point_unlocks#Path_of_Fire_mastery_pointsYou need 6 mastery points in total for canyon jumping. Here are 2 you might have missed thar you can allready do.1: go back to the area where you got the raptor during the first story and finish the heart here. Now talk to the heartvendor and buy the saddle.2: There are 3 bounty boards in the oasis. Do a bounty from each board (easy to do on days it is daily crystal desert bounty hunter)

You also have 2 from the story so far.the other two should be doable easy with mastery insights (you only need to interact with them)I would recommend the amoon bazaar one and the old amoon one. They are very easily soloable.

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You get 3 mastery points from the story in Path of Fire: Act 1 - and that takes you up through the Sacrifice.You can get 1 from achievements in Crystal Oasis for these achievements:

  1. Reins of the Raptor
  2. Lost Lore of Crystal Oasis
  3. A Trip Down Memory Lane
  4. Crystal Oasis Bounty Tour
  5. Just a Sip (the Chef on in Amnoon, admittedly it can be tough to get)
  6. Lost Pilgrims (from memory, you can't do this one without springer)

1 through 3 are easy to get. 5 takes some perseverance, and 4 takes organizing a group.

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