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Returnee LF Guild on Desolation[EU] [WvW / Pve]


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I'm an old returnee ...Recently fired GW2 up again and finally bought the expansions, yes it has been that long.I played at launch till just before HoT. I have always loved the world of this game.This makes me a bit of a newbie. I need to learn many current mechanics from scratch.

I'm looking for a guild to enjoy WvW and some PVE.The WvW is what drew me back into this game. But I'm also looking forward to see what other things this game has to offer.Just looking for a good active group to play with, preferably WvW focused.

I am on Desolation[EU], but am willing to transfer if it proves worth it.My 3 toons I have most fun on are Thief / Ranger / Necromancer.Haven't decided on a main yet.

I'm currently 'casual' but will probably switch when I get to know the game better again.I prefer voice comms when active, also provides better organisation for WvW etc ...I do run my own discord server if needed.

For any more info feel free to message me here or ingame:Agaki.8314


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