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Air(lightning) and arcane magic


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I just discovered that playing an elementalist is actually very fun. My cheetah charr who wears only a specific shade of green is a lightning and arcane elementalist who uses two daggers to fight.

It gets even more better. In a dungeon full of multiple elite mobs in the pathway I can cast the spell Ride the Lightning and do the Leeroy Jenkins ( warcraft meme when a individual player charges into a large group of mobs when rest of group is making plans) right into them.

I can also use the spell to avoid mobs in certain dungeons and for quicker travel. My cheetah charr can run very fast due to the passive speed boost ability that the element of air has.

The cool thing about arcane is that it is all passive for talents which increases the elemental powers based on main specialization and the active arcane abilities can be used when knocked down and stunned.


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I'd suggest running fire spec as 3rd since all 4 of your fire skills deal quite a high burst damage (3-4-5 into 2 and swap to air while channeling 2). Air on daggers mostly serve as mobility, cc and constant damage with auto attacks. If you're stacking in the corner and waiting for mobs to appear you can channel your earth 5 for even more burst before you do your fire chain.

Also, having swiftness boon overrides the speed buff from air trait so you should focus on stacking swiftness (you have arcane trait and lightning field which you can blast to give it to allies). Also, if you just wanna blast mobs with damage and you have access to 2 specs only, use fire and air since they boost your offensive stats a lot.

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