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suggestions to bring pvp to life


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Hi all GW2 players

I am doing this post to lay out ideas and suggestions for trying to save and move the pvp which is now automated and dying. Only the tournaments organized by teapot make it possible to save the pvp episodically during this annual mass. We didn't even have a ToL last year and that seems compromised for this year too because arenanet is working on the extension which is to their credit (I'm not going to yell at that).

So concerning my proposals:

  • GvG in the guild halls with non-conquest objectives (therefore apart from the capture of points) which would allow dispatched battles in the guild hall (some 2v2 teamfights, 1v1 in the hall and avoid a pure beast and bad teamfight) proposal death matches (in a good majority of guild halls) without the possibility of resurrection on land, with respawn can be more than 15 seconds ... I would see an in game ranking like that of the current leagues.
  • Separation of the ranking and the seasons between soloq and duoq with trioq (duoq and trioq season alternately as explained just after) or at least do not proc those who are solo against those grouped in two or three, make a duoq season with after the mini season 2v2 then do after a season in trio and after a mini in 3v3. The trio would allow a new challenge and we would already see a more competitive aspect. It would be longer seasons with soft reset between each season of the same ilk. With a ranking on the ArenaNet site with the mcm and the pve (as in the good old days) it is still amazing and incomprehensible that the site lacks the pvp one !!
  • More regular and better balanced patch scales with maybe more up and a little less nerve, anyway from what I understood only one person is in charge of the patch scale, the cmc, which clearly shows a lack of staff. This person should work more in a group with the devs of each class (maybe he already is, I don't know).
  • Being able to enter your class / profession and your role (sidenoder, teamfighter, roamer etc) before starting the queue! This little system could save us from duplicates like two thieves, two supports or whatever ..
  • A GWTV for AT and mAT that would be cool again inspired by 1 but largely doable and players could watch the matches once the AT is over!

And here is my vision of things, it is a mix between the old and the new pvp of gw2, and to take again the gvg of gw1, one should not be afraid to take again what worked on the 1 and which could at the same time time to save the pvp and bring in pve players in pvp.

Thanks for reading my suggestions and more in game!

FROM GOOGLE TRAD sorry about that xD

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1) They should also put a mechanic that flips the Team score of both teams at the 10th minute of the match . (most gives ups happen at 8:20)

The leading team , is guaranteed to get the 6 rating Win(the current is 11 , i believe) and they can get even more, if they score more points till the end of the match (10 points = 1 Rating) .

The looser team , if the difference is bigger than 250 points , any capture point will tick slower , and when they 15 min mark comes up , they will loose the game not having the chance to win at least 4 Rating .

Every week , if they win matches or they are ahead/120 points difference from the other team when the 10 min marks hits , they get an achievement points .10x Achievement points = 1x PvP potion , that can be used in the Tournament persimon..Byzantium participation chests for extra rewards

2) People that have been reported as afk/harassing/throwing the match for their friends +have the lowest stats (not enough healing/damage/captured base, because they afk) , force this mechanic not to be activated , so their friend in the enemy team gets to win only 6 Rating .(or simply keep using the current model of 8 min match = 7 rating , and excuse my rambling:PBut it sounds like a good "lie" :p )

Edit: Or the system every 10 sec chooses a player and place a invisible golden aura on the area his stands .If that same person , the next time the system cyrcles the players and choose him again and spot him near the same vicinity of the same "golden aura"(or many areas) and not on Captured Bases , his aura is corrupted and at the end of the match , based on how many corrupted combos he has , he takes the lose or Rating + the enemies gains less Rating , because the system detected an afk(something like the encryption mechanics , that some programs tells you move the mouse in random direction for 30 sec.Bots wouldn't take the same exact same path also ?)

And an announcement , for that afk person would make the others feel "good" :P

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@memausz.7264 said:

@Psycoprophet.8107 said:Honestly just fn balance the game and do actual passes on a reasonable time table. This whole stop support on the game balance wise cuz eod is being worked on is ridiculous.

EoD = End of Development

Seems like that's exactly what eod is. Ud think they'd want to at least attempt to get some semblance of balance between the roster before introduction the new e-spec's so they have a basis to balance them by, not the current iteration of balance which is a complete mess post feb patch as there wasn't even close to the amount of follow up needed after the aftermath that was left by such a large blanket nerf patch that treated the roster so indifferent.I donno who makes the decisions there but the lack of not only support leading up to but in hype generation for the third expac has been horrible thus far not leaving much hope for the expansion.

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@The Fear.3865 said:Add special PvP infusions = PvP population *50

Nah that would just incentivize more temporary players who never get very good and get their reward and leave. Maybe if there were cool skins, infusions etc. for reaching certain MMR or closing out the season at a specific MMR that could work. Titles are fun but not that enticing to most people.

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