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Whirl on Greatsword


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Im playing a burn guard with Greatsword and S/Ti've notice that when im using my Purging Flame then Whirling Wrath [GS 2] i only got 1 projectile combo finisher

is it said on the skill description that"Spin in place and swing your greatsword while hurling powerful projectiles."

does the projectiles are not count as finisher? or the number we spin are only once?i mean warrior has Whirling Axe [Axe 5] and they also spinning once but got a lot of whirl finisher

or it just me that don't know how to use it?

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I think by default, yu should only achieve a couple of Whirl Finishers.

The Projectiles either :

  1. Are 20% and isn't tooltipped.
  2. Are eaten by yur target as soon as it leaves yur hitbox, resulting in it not causing a Projectile Finisher or even a chance of a Projectile Finisher.

Whirling Axe is much different : It simply casts Whirl Finishers for the entire channel of the skill.

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