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Hero points question


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At level 80 you will have enough hero points to completely unlock all core specializations and skills. The HoT areas contain more than enough hero points to unlock the HoT elite specialization and the PoF areas contain more than enough hero points to unlock the PoF elite specialization.

Even after unlocking everything you will have lots and lots of hero points left over. So go ahead and spend them.

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At level 80 you will have gained 398 Hero Points simply from leveling.Wiki - Hero Point

Fully unlocking all core Skills costs 98 points.Each core Specialization costs 60 points to fully unlock. There are 5 core Specializations, so that's 300 points for all the core specializations.Together, that equals 398.So as you can see, JUST from leveling you have enough Hero points to fully unlock all core Skills and Traits.

Once you hit 80 and have unlocked all your core Skills and Specializations, each Elite Specialization costs 250 to fully unlock.That means you need 500 Hero Points from the Open world to fully unlock both Elite Specializations.There are 904 available from Open World Hero Challenges. So you only need to get about 55% of them and you'll be maxed out with nothing left to spend Hero Points on.

So never worry about spending Hero Points. There are WAYYYY more than you need to max everything.

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@Drizzt.1796 said:so, has anything changed? i mean in the past 2 WHOLE years!

No, no changes since PoF release, as far as I am aware.

Op, as others mentioned, without any hero points (HP), at level 80 you will unlock all 5 core lines and all utilities. Additional hero points can be found and earned through Tyria, HoT and PoF maps (but not Living World maps). Tyria HP are everywhere, but only provide 1 point. PoF and HoT HP are much less, but provide 10 HP each. The catch, there is usually a challenge involved.

I would recommend you skip Tyria, and head straight to PoF for HP. Some are a bit challenging, but doable solo, even for new players. You can unlock a full elite line with PoF. However, to unlock everything, you will probably need to head to HoT (or do all PoF and most Tyria ones, which will take beyond ridiculous amount of time). HoT HP, are... complicated. I will use the first map Verdant Brink as an example. 2 are only obtainable at night, and require a lot of gliding (which without finishing the mastery will be really difficult). Multiple require you to defeat a champion, which is typically harder than what you faced in Tyria. One champion, is probably unsolable (well.. it is, just too difficult for most players, and nearly impossible for a dps build. The bat btw). 2-3 have a mini jumping puzzles. And it only gets worse as you progress in HoT maps for HP. Do not get me wrong, I much enjoyed HoT HP earning, initially, over PoF. However, practicality rules.

For HoT, check if there are HP earning trains. You can find them, but they are not very common these days.


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Also seeing as nobody has mentioned it there is the Testimonies of Heroics and Proof of Heroics which you get from doing WvW and PvP when you cash these in they will give the hero points from Main Tyria , HoT or PoF . ( Happens is they unlock the Hero point on the map so you don't have go back to it, it's very handy for some of those really tough ones that you need multiple people for but are having trouble getting people to help). I have used them to unlock the elites fully on my alternate characters.

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