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Hello there, I am a player who played ~7 years ago and I am returning. I am really struggling to find a good class for me. I have an 80 guardian, 61 ranger , 40 engi and a few other 40's laying around. I would love to play a class that can rack up kills and pump some serious damage. I really enjoy condi / dot based builds and aoe dots are even more fun. I really enjoy seeing a ton of numbers on my screen (Esp in WvW). My only problem is I really don't enjoy necro =/ I dont enjoy dark themed classes and feel stuck. I thought ranger would cure my yen but the damage seems weak. I also tend to prefer ranged based classes but my guard has a good mix and it hasn't bothered me. I dont enjoy warriors, and I am stuck to core builds (for now). Any advice on choosing a good class fo rme? Also I should note I am a pvp fanatic and want a class I can learn to master. High skill ceilings dont intimidate me, they usually inspire me. Advice?

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@mcthuggin.5048 said:High skill ceilings dont intimidate me, they usually inspire me. Advice?

I'd recommend weaver but just for that part, less damage than necro and more challenging but a better mobility and probably the most versatil class to roam with. I play condi weaver and I can solo t3 camps in WvW and kill most necros on the road! Revs seems fine too if I had to pick another class. Btw if you master stealth trap ranger your almost invincible atm and still a killing machine! Thats the most annoying build to me when its masterised. But if you look for challenge once you'll master your class... you better forget it.

If you are to join WvW zerg, then probably renegade since you like challenge and big damage.

Conclusion, go for rev , then you'll be able to roam and zerg with the same toon and get about what you asked for.

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