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Nice Balance patch 10/10


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Here's the sad reality; There likely will not be another WvW update/balance patch/new map/etc. coming for WvW...EVER. What little resources Anet/GW2 have left will be fully devoted to the next expansion, reason being it's make or break time for both the game AND the company. If the expansion doesn't generate a LOT of revenue for the company, GW2 (and GW1 for that matter) will die and so will Anet. A lot of the blame falls on Anet for the way it chose to generate revenue, focusing ONLY on gem store transactions and ignoring micro-transactions, which largely fund other games/gaming companies. In the short run that was good for WvW players like you and me, but in the long run it's led to the demise of the company. Rather than forcing free-to-play accounts to pay for access to things like WvW and PvP, they focused all their micro-transactions around the Living Story. Furthermore, Anet only receives maybe 25-30% of the money spent in the gem store, with a small percentage going to the 3rd party company running the transactions and the majority of the money going to Anet's parent company, NCSoft, which in turn uses the profits on OTHER games, not GW2. And even if Anet completely dissolved its relationship with NCSoft, odds are contractual agreements set forth a long time ago will still result in NCSoft still receiving most of the money from the gem store. It's a sad situation, but it is what it is.

And if you don't believe me, see how long this comment stays around after I've made it. In years past this comment would have been removed within a short period of time after I posted it and I likely would've received some form of punishment as a result. Now, it's all too likely nothing will happen and this comment will remain...because Anet simply does not have the resources available to bother policing the forums as they once did, and it's entirely likely that there isn't a single dev left working on WvW these days.

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