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Balance (or the lack thereof) Disappointment....


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Today showed just how bad Arena Net is at paying attention to their community and player base in WVW by not balancing wvw! We've been getting Nerfs to DPS over and over again and again with no Nerfs to the Sustain classes! This is causing players to quit the game because you make fights all about numbers rather than skill! All the Work Guilds put into fighting outnumbered is thrown by the wayside by someone using med kit 1 healing his raid like crazy! I understand healing and support is important and should be in the game, but having players that can literally counter 3/4 of the dps player base by simply pressing 1 in medkit is simply lazy balancing! Let alone anyone who thinks they can kill anyone with condi is HARD COUNTERED by Engi comps! Here is a list of changes that could actually make WVW Playable and Fun for all and bring players (and valuable corporate Income) back into WVW! Please give feedback of these changes and any more that may help make the sustain meta die in fire in WVW!

Items:Nerf the Durability Runes Proc to 2 Secs for boons (keep 1 for res) So a whole raid cant upkeep boons without active gameplay past the engagement.Nerf Monk Runes to increase Bonus Outgoing healing to 5% on its Boon Effect down from 10%


Nerf Medkit 1 by 50% and Remove its bonus healing for boonsNerf Medkit 3 by 1 sec (remove 1 of its pulses) and give it a 5 player target capNerf Sneak Gyro duration by 2 secondsRemove/Change Purity of Purpose or give it a 2 second ICD per player effected by it.Remove/Change Medical dispersion Field (make it where it increases outgoing healing generated, rather than directly healing for 25% bonus healing on any heals)Remove or Reduce Fumigate (reduce the hits from 5 to 3 nerfing the condi clearing and increase the dps and condi application to compensate)

Warrior:Reduce the HP Conversion On power to HP from Vigorous Shouts and Reduce the base healing from 1000 to like 700 (not a fan of nerfing this too hard because at least this is active gameplay with CD's)Make Soldiers Focus heal and proc on Any burst skill used (remove the ICD) and nerf the might stacks/duration and healing (promote ACTIVE Game play while not making it unkillable)

Tempest:*Reduce the condis cleared by transmutes by 1 (down from 2) to match the condi clearing nerfs on engi

Necro:Reduce Blood Banks Healing to Barrier Conversion Rate (100% overhealing to barrier down to say 50% overhealing to barrier)

Rev:Change a Trait to make Tablet carriable like a backpack or kit (or just placed on the players back) to encourage active healing (Where it is ACTUALLY NEEDED!) at the cost of 50%-75% healing effectiveness on all skills.

Mesmer: Make Mantra of Pain a 3 second CD up from 1 Second (charging mantras for big heals is valuable and active, but not something that should be spamable especially with quickness)

Druid: ACTUALLY MAKE DRUID HEAL OUTSIDE OF CA FORM!*Increase Staff 1 healing by 100% (still wont heal much, but will at least match medkit 1)

Nerf Quickness duration from both heal trait and aegis/stab trait by 1 Sec (so its not permaquickness)BUFF STAB DURATION on Mantra to 3 or 4 seconds. Reduce CD to SYG from 30 to 25 Secs*Buff Hold the Line Shout to grant 2 or 3 stacks of stab for 5 Seconds.


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@FrodoBiggins.9184 said:Let alone anyone who thinks they can kill anyone with condi is HARD COUNTERED by Engi comps!

This seems to be your main concern.

The question then becomes, in what way do you intend to play condi?

I can't be bothered to discuss it at length again but in past recent threads with people like you I have pointed out that there are very few groups around that have actually attempted to sample this balance and can raise valid concerns about it. In most cases people seem to complain about situations that are uneven to begin with or isolated (such as them wanting to play condi in a pickup group that is predominantly power-based for personal, singular, self-motivated reasons). What they then go about suggesting will do nothing to change the situations they are concerned about. It will only impact situations they themselves do not partake in.

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condi is even pretty overtuned atm. since the pdps isn't hitting that hard and cleanses got nerfed, condi is at a FAR better stand than in the last 3 years ever... which is rather bad than good. condi is a quite stale and only in smallscale working thing, there's no real need that it's good.

and man, if u really choose condi and feel bad bc the engis cleanse it off easily, then u may consider picking your fights better. tempest, scrouge/reaper, spellbreaker, engis have all pretty good natural ability to get along with condi and use it even against you

all the changes u suggest on FB, necro and tempest are absolutely unnecessary.

you wrote"All the Work Guilds put into fighting outnumbered is thrown by the wayside by someone using med kit 1 healing his raid like crazy!"which is questionable... guilds who use condi as dmg are just doing it fundamentally wrong. because condi is simply not reliable, and every solid comp has one scrapper per party... and additionally the firebrand and one secondary support. unless someone sleeps hard, guilds are basically immune to condi... and if one big cleanser would get too hard nerfs, just another one would take its place... anet would need to destroy like 5 classes to make condi really good... then it would be just a odd pirateship meta... notsure why anyone would want that.

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