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Future Balance Cadence


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Future Balance Cadence

From Anet:

"This patch is unusual in that it’s more about establishing a new paradigm than it is a regular balance update, and the result is a giant set of changes. Moving forward with competitive balance, we want to make smaller adjustments more often. The specific cadence for balance will always depend on our overall release schedule, but ideally it will be closer to every 4-6 weeks, while still having the opportunity to make minor tweaks outside of the regular balance update. The goal here is to have better flexibility to fix problems in a timely manner."

To Anet:

Sorry, but what happened to 4-6weeks and small adjustments that you were talking about months ago?

Please respond.

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Having 4-6 week patches could have been great at keeping gameplay exciting, It's a shame it never happened.

Right now I expect nothing since they're working on the expansion but I just hope that after the expansion drops they will realize that balance patches are what keeps WvW and PvP fresh, Metas need to change or gameplay gets stale.

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40-60 weeks rather. plus, i think there was not even 0,01% of all these changes buffing anything. it was only nerfs.

and again... balance? where all fights are on uneven numbers? i'd rather get that to make every weapon usable on every class, tailored towards at least one sense-making build.

hell, i lately checked some skills. elite skill: balthazars hounds: summon 2 baby doges. cd time: 240 !!!!??? okay. what? why? any pet summons outside of ranger pets and minions do absolutely no serious damage, not even to light armor zerker classes. u could set that cooldown on 45 and it'd be barely use, i guess. u could add "cause burn" and it'd be still only medicore.

next, human skill "avatar of melandru"; effect: become a thicc tree! cooldown 180. u have stab.... and a outdated three form without any mobility. nais. btw warclaw mountup is like permastability so yeah. why'd anyone use that?

and to also touch pvE aspects of Wvw.... what's the boss wyvern doing there @ red border? hiding, nice. solid content, nobody even fights there. not even roamers.

and how about the siege defense turrets? known as the most useless tactics existing, for ... well, longer than i play. one could guess that those would be obvious buff targets whenever we talk about any "world restructuring" and "balance"... but yeah no. here, take those nerfs and praise us for nerfing something every some months kekw

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