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Core guardian Burning Staff


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As core supp guard got popular I've started seeing more and more of this build

It seems to be a mid ground between the supp build and the core burning build

A build better for ranked than the other 2, but i can't figure out what's exactly the build

Is it a mix of both build or just the old burning build using a staff

Is it running carrion or sage

My guess traits are the same as core burning with sage and staff

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@ollbirtan.2915 said:Erm....what? You either run proper Menders Core Shout support or Core Burn dps. Anet gutted any possibility of successfully running a guardian hybrid build in sPvP.

I've seen this builds being spammed by at least one guy over 1550, it's not mAt material, but is a better shot in ranked than the other 2 builds if you solo, a build with enough healing and general support capabilities to save a fight and decent condi pressure to kill ppl

I'm just theorycrafting, i got 3 variants of this build, with sage and staff, you can choose how much you dmg or supp you get just by mixing traits of both builds

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To hazard a guess:

Virtues Honor Zeal. Trait for symbols and spirit weapons. Run sword of justice contamination of purity and one other optional utility. Staff scepter focus. Probably smoldering energy x2. Pre patch I would have said speed runes. Now not as sure. Balthazar for low effort rune choice. Sage amulet.

Drop symbols and swords at range. Don't facetank damage. This will work well until you reach the mmr where people realize that red circles are bad.

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