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Progress lost on Champions

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Disclaimer: I'm not certain if this is actually a bug, because everything appears to be working as designed - though I don't believe it is working as intended.

I had progressed as far as possible in Champions (i.e. no more story objectives available to me in the journal or tracker in the top right), and decided to pass the time achievement hunting in other LWS5/IBS episodes. I was greeted by the "you may lose some progress" callout, which I accepted because there is no other choice. However, after finishing and returning to Champions, I had lost all progress in the most recent release and am being forced to re-complete the 4 DRM (Fields of Ruin, Thunderhead Peaks, Lake Doric, Snowden Drifts).

If this is intended, then the game has created a scenario where it is impossible to redo content for achievements for the duration of Champions.

Steps to recreate (presumably, I don't intend to make the same mistake twice):

  • Complete most recent Champions release
  • Select to replay a previous icebrood saga story step for completion (I did bjora story insance "Silence")
  • Select to resume Champions
  • Progress has been lost and the game returns you to conversation with Aurene
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I don't disagree with you - but it didn't lose all Champions progress, just the latest segment. It's possible that the latest segment in particular is missing a checkpoint flag that makes you lose progress as if you were in an instance - where earlier parts counted as valid substeps.

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It’s a reported issue likely to do with champions being one episode split into multi release chunks and so leaving during a chapter - even when the next bit isn’t released - triggers a partial reset. It’s been happening since Chapter one

I’d have thought they’d have acknowledged and fixed this by now.

Not sure if a bug, but perhaps an oversight

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I did the two previous episodes to complete the new achievements for when they added voice acting and it reset me back to Metrica. At least you only need to tag the boss in order to get credit for story progression...

... actually, that doesn't matter for story progression. The instance just needs to succeed for that. Well I guess that's a no effort way to get progression back.


After re-obtaining my progression, and seeing how previous episodes were tracked, this is likely either a bug or an oversight. Story step progression within an episode has always been saved. The only progression lost are the steps within the story steps. The DRM episode has three story steps: the first 3 DRMs, FoR &Thunderhead, and Doric & Snowden. Progression should not have been lost at all, or if there's still more to the most recent story step, lost progression on the Doric and Snowden DRMs only.

Perhaps someone can confirm that progression is tracked on the other episodes like I stated. Can someone also provide confirmation that progression is tracked the same way on your FIRST playthrough?

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