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addon "SelectRenderer"

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@"Angelweave.1856" said:So what does it actually do I can't seem to find any information on it?

from Readme.md found in https://github.com/megai2/SelectRenderer

SelectRendererIngame UI based render selection for GW2 Allows selection of various render paths like DXVK, d912pxy and said paths with reshade. Menu to select render shows up at game start and allows to change render or will hide itself.

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@Angelweave.1856 said:So if you don't run reshade it does nothing

never tried it myself but basing on the github information, it supposedly allows you to choose between dxvk and d912pxy or the default dx9 and optionally if you want to run reshade as well regardless of the prior choice but i could be wrong.

still, it's from the d912pxy dev so it should be something

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