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Character enter fail + crash + black screen


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Almost everyday when i first time try to play i experience this. Three bugs in same thread because i think they are linked.BUG1:1) Login from launcher2) Enter character select screen3) Double click someone4) Game waits for like 10 seconds (play button is disabled for this character) then crash to desktop. No "report popups" nothing.

BUG2:When BUG1 happened and i relogged again, entered into the game with one of my characters after some minutes i get black screen. I don't do anything special. I can see and move mouse cursor, i can watch youtube on another monitor, alt+tab etc (in short everything is ok), but i dont see anything in the game (except mouse cursor). I need to terminate application and restart it. It happens 1-2 times (black screen) then i can play rest of the day just fine without bugs.

I tried to "repair" but looks like it does not work (rapair process does not start, launcher just starts as usual).

BUG3: today i meet "new day" in the game, in 3AM (local time) i did not receive my daily chest. Daily achivements did not reset. I participate in "mad king says" and did not receive my chest. I relogged got BUG1, relogged again got my daily chest, then after 1 minute BUG2, relog, 1 minute later BUG2 again. Now nothing is happening everything is working as usual.

Bug1 and Bug2 after PoF release only. I am not sure it is PoF or not, because i changed my video card just after release (amd to gf).

Win 7, GF 1060 3gb, 8GB ram

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I've had one of those happen.

I tried to click one of my characters but the play button wouldn't work.I could switch between characters. .never actually able to log in but eventually it crashed.

Then it worked on next load, very strange.

I had my main..first character i tried to click, parked in the lab....wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I haven't tried playing last couple of days, so I don't know if it'll crash again

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