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Concept Raid Boss - Junundu Matriach


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So I actually had this idea before PoF was announced, and wasn't expecting PoF to be based in Elona. Now that we know that it is in Elona, this boss seems to fit in well. So here it is, my 'fan-fiction-raid-boss': The Junundu Matriach.

The setting:The Junundu Matriach will be fought in an oval pit of sulfur, ambushing the raid team from below. When the Matriach appears, sulfur will begin shifting at the boundaries of the pit, preventing players from escaping. At the two narrow segments of the oval are balistas. Balista ammunition is hidden beneath the sulfur all over the pit. This boss is intended to be on par with VG in terms of difficulty.

Primary mechanicsThe Junundu Matriach has two unique effects.

  1. She'll periodically spray the ground in the pit with acid, the affected area will cause balista ammunition to surface but will immobilize players standing in the area and cause them to be affected with a quicksand effect. This effect can be removed with swiftness, and also prevents further application of this effect. If a player is affected by quicksand for 15 seconds, they die immediately. The spray's area of effect gets bigger as the Matriach's hp is lowered, and will cover the whole pit when she is under 25% HP.
  2. All players will be affected with sulfurous poisoning for the duration of the fight. This effect will periodically lower their maximum HP by a certain %. This effect also caps the swiftness boon duration to 4 seconds.

ObjectivesPlayers defeat the Matriach by depleting her health before the sulfurous poison makes the fight too difficult to complete. To trigger her burn phase, players must use the balistas to pin down her body as she emerges and disappears beneath the sulfur. The quicksand effect is deadly against players who don't have a plentiful source of swiftness. The Matriach will have attacks that knock players away and separate them across the pit. The matriach will also cover the balistas with sulfur which players will need to destroy.

Secondary mechanicsSome of the Matriach's attacks include:

  • Summoning trash mob Junundu Wurms
  • Devouring random players for a brief period of time. If this attack isn't dodged, the sulfurous poisoning effect is accelerated for the duration of the devouring. The player is also unable to aid his team.
  • Covering players with sulfur, like the balistas. Will require the rest of the team to aid in freeing the player.
  • Sweeping knockback effects
  • Pressure via torment and burning.

So the fight against the Matriach will require the raid team to ferry balista ammunition back and forth while evading the Matriach's attacks that punish movement, while racing against time due to lowered maximum health. The fight will require some adjustments to the skillbar to account for the necessity of swiftness, which may not be as required in other raid boss fights.

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