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Housing in next expac or dead issue?

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@ChampionMasquerade.5283 said:

@"Game of Bones.8975" said:I still don't know what "housing" will give us that the current "Guild Halls" and "Home Instances" don't have.

Maybe I'm just missing the point.

In the case of Charr at least, it would give them an actual house. I think the closest the Hero’s Canton has to a house is a tent like barrack

And you don't really know which one is 'yours'. Which is kind of the point in a military encampment anyways, you might have a certain spot for a while but it belongs to the Legion and you can be easily replaced.

I'm generally indifferent to most RP considerations in games, but I always found it surprising how disconnected our player characters are from Tyroa. We really are murder hobos, floating about around the world without really being able to choose a specific place to be rooted in as a home. Sure, we pick our race (and with it, our home city) and some markers of identity, but that gets washed out very quickly as the story gets homogenized for everyone. Like most other games, the story has our character trudging from one place to the next, bouncing from crisis to crisis.

Mechanically, I think the hub cities, premium areas (e.g. Mistlock Sanctuary, Armistice Bastion, etc). and guild halls do cover just about all the itches that player housing could scratch. Moreover, things like no gear treadmill, poor pvp balance, and many areas of stagnation are what fundamentally ease the decision to stop playing GW2, and housing won't fix those underlying issues. That said, I think a well done housing system could help reduce the sting of each of those other more fundamental issues.

I've lost hope for a lot of things in this game, but through mounts ANet proved to me that they can take a normally unexciting system common to the genre and make a really awesome version of it for Tyria. I would hope that something analogous could be done for housing, and also hope that the effort-payoff balance would make it worth it.

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@Gudradain.3892 said:like we have seen with guild hall, no one would come to visit them...

People would visit the guild hall more if the halls had crafting stations for every discipline, a TP, bank and all the usual town stuff.But then they wouldn't be able to sell the lounges, so guild halls fell into the pit of redundancy, except if you count visiting a hall for a quick access to a general merchant when there's no ones available in the open world, or maybe repairing your armor, plus synths.

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If you want player housing just reduce the cost of decorations and increase the decoration limit in guild halls.

They're so massive that entire guilds can set up all the housing they want for their players. Its just that no one does it because its so expensive and you hit the decoration limit very easily in room-sized areas with just a few pieces of furniture.

Many RP guilds still try but it just doesn't really work I think.

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I am maxed as a Scribe but with no guild. I would be plenty satisfied if I could put my hard earned discipline into my Home Instance for no other purpose than to personalize it. That alone is rewarding enough for me. Not to mention, when you level Scribe, you are making all these decorations only for someone else to determine what gets put out and where it goes. Decorations in guild halls for me are not rewarding for this reason. Even when you get the rare permission over decoration output, it's usually one person making these decisions and everyone has different tastes. I want it to be my choice, in my space. If I am the only one that sees it, that is perfectly okay with me.

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