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Eternal Mandala Backpack Causing Lag / Stutter for me and guildie when used on mesmer

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Short story went to bench my mesmer on the golem in the training room and all of a sudden my game starts acting all laggy / stuttery as soon as I start benching on the golem (has never happened before and i spend quite a few hours on the golem each week)I thought it could of been the pc and just to be sure i done a clean install and checked all hardware components.When I hide the backpack everything goes back to buttery smooth performance, when I try with a different backpack skin everything is buttery smooth, its just with the Eternal Mandala Backpack that causes the game to lag / stutter to a near almost while doing skills.

I also had a friend come in on the golem once I had mentioned this on discord to see if it affected him, according to him it also made him lag / stutter even though it was just me wearing the back pack, once I took off the backpack everything was back to normal for both of us.

For a fair test done it with both infusions on and infusions off just to rule that out aswell, I am at this point in time certain that backpack is the centre point of the issue.also changing around the colours didnt help just to clarify that aswell.

Only other class I have tested it on is Guardian however no major lag / stutters are present on them

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It's known issue with latest backpacks and it seems not gonna be fixed: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/1369544The problem here - all with whom I played so far doesn't care about this problem they just ask me or other people with this backpack hide it during raids\fractals or other content and don't want to raise priority of this issue so we won't see resolution to this problem and we will get more laggy items in future :angry:

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