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[NA] [PvX] [Griffon Guild] Crew of the Daybreak [DAWN] is looking for new fliers!


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We are a social guild of Griffon Riders looking to continue growing our flying community. o/

  • We're mainly looking for players who are interested in interacting/playing/socializing within a tight-knit group. We're pretty chill but we will not tolerate rude behaviors, harassment and drama.
  • You will need to have a griffon OR are working on getting one, no point joining a griffon guild when you're nowhere near getting the griffon 😉
  • You have to be 18+ and joining our discord server is required! (link is available after joining the guild)
  • Other than weekly flight nights where a group of us get together and fly/fool around as a squad, we have game/movie nights (we like to play jackbox and occasionally other multiplayer games) and guild missions are on Saturday evenings.
  • However experienced you are with the griffon, we'll welcome you!
  • Repping the guild is only encouraged during guild events.

If you're interested or have questions, mail me in-game - Azulean.1728If you'll like to read about our rules: https://crewofthedaybreak.weebly.com/rules--faq.html

This is what we do:

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On 5/5/2021 at 12:50 AM, rogue spike.4287 said:

I have the Griffon but im looking for a guild that helps or teaches Fractals , WvW im very active player so let me know Rogue Spike is my ign  id love to talk to a officer or leader to see if im a right fit thank you for reading this 


hey there! We have a staff that runs T1 fractal dailies almost everyday, and she welcomes new learners. For wvw, we occasionally have a small group roaming or following another group. I'm an officer if you have more questions!

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 Just came back to the game after a small break. Looking for a new guild to have some fun with, not a great flier but definitely into just having fun.

If it's a good fit I'm well versed in fractals (besides Sunqua) so I could definitely help out there whenever too.

I'm on quite often nowadays, if you want to DM me in game we can see if it is a good fit!


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