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D/D Weaver Cellofrag ' Guide (WvW/PvP) + Gameplay Video.


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Hi great GW2 community.

We all Remember the great old times, the golden age of the D/D elementalist, with Excala videos, etc.Since 2012/2013, it received hard nerfs, and was not meta anymore, except for some nostalgic & skilled WvW Roaming.

I tried a lot the new D/D Weaver, & I think it has a great potential.
Here are some tips, & my build.



——About build——

  • HOW TO COUNTER CC : using 4 different stance : 3 utility & elite. Thanks to ammunition, you have 7 stance that you can activate. Each stance will give you about 6s stability. It’s in my opinion way better than Armor of Earth Stability : it has a long CD, & its you get debuff, no more stability for a long time. Here, thanks to stance, you have access to a nearly permanent stability that you can refresh about each 5s.———

  • HOW TO COUNTER CONDITIONS : using Water grandmaster trait #3 & Weaver grandmaster trait #2. Basically : each regeneration, each swiftness, will remove a condition. This is insane, & often enough to counter most condition pressure.


  • HOW TO HEAL : You have access to a lot of heal.
  • Passive Signet will gives you about 300 heal per skill.
  • Switch Water (Healing Ripple) will gives you 2000.
  • Dodge in Water (Arcana grandmaster trait #1) will gives you 2000 + cleanse 2 condition.
  • Using Water Skill 2 (1000) or Water Skill 5 (2000)
  • Using Dual attune Skill #3 Fire/Water will gives you a Waterfield for 2s. It’s a short time but gives you enough time to blast : Switch Earth + Dodge for a Blast : or use Water Skill 3 / Earth Skill 4/5


  • HOW TO DPS :
  • You can take both advantage to Power & condition.
  • Your best autoattack is Dagger #1 Air. One of the best autoattack of the game. Use it a lot, especially if you need other CD to refresh.
  • Fire #2 is great to apply lots of burn. Fire #3/4/5 has great DPS.
  • Primordial Stance is your best source of condition damage. Use it while attune to Fire/Air OR Fire/earth OR double fire for again more burn.


  • Why use UNRAVEL Stance ?
  • I know lot’s of people will say its a waste of a slot. In my humble opinion, it’s only good for D/D. Why ? Because it gives you immediate access to Core skill #3. Core Skill #3 are REALLY bad on sword but MANDATORY on Dagger : Fire #3 Burning Speed (huge DPS), Water #3 is a blast, Air #3 is shock aura (massive CC), Earth #3 is Magnetic Grasp.
  • Having an immediate access to these skill is way better than waiting 4s more to double attune in the same element which is a loss of time.
  • Having an immediate access gives you possibility of some combo :


  • COMBO thanks to UNRAVEL
  • First Combo : Being Attune to Water/Fire : Use Skill #3 do create a water field, use unravel to use instant Water Skill 3 Blast finisher to heal. Switch to Earth, dodge, blast, new heal. You just heal yourself for 5k overall.
  • Second Combo : best one to ENGAGE a fight : Being double attune to earth. Use magnetic grasp #3 which immobilize for 2s. Switch Fire, UNRAVEL. Use Fire #3 + Fire #5, classic DD combo. Then Fire #4. At this moment ur enemy should be low health & try to disengage. Than fast switch back to Earth Attunement, & use your magnetic grasp to follow your ennemy + Leap into your previous Fire field to gain a fire Aura. This combo is only possible on Weaver because you have a 3.5s CD on the earth attune you just left. Magnetic Grasp have a 6s delay between the 1st step (immobilize) & 2nd step (Leap) before disappear.


Here a small gameplay Video :

  • you can see the 1st combo at : 2:02.
  • You can see the 2nd at : 0:08 & 0:16

—-Hope you liked it. Feel free to ask any question.

Best wished, & enjoy POF !

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